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Actor's Lens: Liam Nicolosi on Acting, Dyslexia, and Self-Discovery

diaries dyslexia dyslexia explored liam nicolosi podcast Oct 05, 2023

We're thrilled to bring you an insightful episode featuring Liam Nicolosi, a 16-year-old actor with dyslexia. With roles in various films and even two Netflix shows, "Di4ries"  under his belt, Liam offers a uniquely inspiring perspective. Join us to dive deep into the world of thinking differently and the exciting prospects that this unique mindset offers. 

Early Struggles and A Paradigm Shift

Growing up, Liam felt isolated due to academic challenges that made him question his abilities. Diagnosed with dyslexia by his aunt, who, also has dyslexia, Liam initially saw dyslexia as a disadvantage. This viewpoint dramatically changed when he watched a documentary featuring the inventor of the Segway, who also has dyslexia. This change in perspective shows how a single experience can reshape one's self-perception.

The Middle School to High School Transition: A Rocky Road

Liam and Darius, our host, discuss the contrasting support systems in middle and high schools, particularly for students with different ways of thinking. Middle school often offers various assistive tools like mind maps, but the sudden influx can overwhelm students. In high school, especially rigorous programs like the International Baccalaureate, these tools often vanish, causing a new set of struggles. 

Liam shared how he found the transition from middle school to high school jarring. While middle school offered supportive tools like mind maps and speech-to-text features, high school feels less accommodating. For Liam and many others, this has been a hurdle that highlights the need for better integration of assistive tools across educational settings.

Unlocking Unique Talents: The Acting Lens

Acting isn't just reciting lines; it's a craft requiring quick memorization and emotional intelligence—areas where Liam excels. His skills got a boost when he worked with Diederik van Rugen, a director who he discovered had dyslexia too. This inspiring interaction shows that challenges can become stepping stones to great opportunities. Diving into Liam's journey into acting, we get to see firsthand the power of out-of-the-box thinking. It revealed the strength of his unique ability to memorize lines quickly—a skill that's become an asset in his acting career.

Visual Imagination: A Tool for Success

The episode dives into the power of visualization for memorizing lines and making sense of complex scenes. This technique is exceptionally potent for those with heightened visual-spatial awareness, a common trait among those with dyslexia. Visualizing scenes in a 3D context enables  Liam a more profound understanding of the characters. Liam shares how transforming words into vivid mental images has aided him in learning lines and bringing depth to his characters.

Dynamic Reasoning: A Different Way to Think

Based on insights from the book "The Dyslexic Advantage," that identifies four significant strengths often seen in those with dyslexia. We explore dynamic reasoning. This ability allows people to anticipate future scenarios and make calculated decisions without complete information. The talk emphasizes that while some might excel in areas like visualization, they may also struggle with text-based understanding—an aspect not to be seen as a flaw, but as a specialization.

Creating a coherent narrative is often challenging for those with dyslexia. Darius introduces the "Story Star," a framework that helps structure stories with a clear beginning, middle, and end. This innovative tool highlights that thinking differently isn't a hindrance but can actually contribute significantly to creative pursuits like storytelling. By focusing on five key elements—characters, objectives, conflicts, guidance, and conclusion—you can craft compelling stories that resonate with a broad audience.

Creative Lens: Filmmaking and Storytelling

The conversation touches on the representation of dyslexia in mainstream media, showcasing the Netflix series "Di4ries", now in its second season, a series popular among Italian youth. The show tackles a spectrum of middle-school challenges and offers a refreshing view on dyslexia by following the journey of a character who discovers in the show that he has Dyslexia and learns to understand and accept his unique cognitive style.

Mind Mapping: A Game-Changing Strategy

Liam and Darius discuss how they have found that mind mapping serves as a powerful tool for absorbing and retaining information, especially in high-stakes exams. This technique offers a compelling illustration of how thinking differently can provide a strategic edge.

The episode closes with reflections on the role of education and how thinking differently is often misunderstood as a flaw. Liam shares how he's aiming to shift away from using dyslexia as an excuse. He encourages young people to embrace their unique cognitive styles as potential advantages, particularly in creative fields.

Final Takeaways

The world of acting and storytelling offers a fascinating lens through which to view the challenges and strengths of dyslexia. It's not a hindrance but a specialized way of thinking differently that allows us to excel in certain areas while offering unique perspectives. Schools and educational systems need to adapt to this diversity of thought, fostering environments where all forms of thinking are nurtured and celebrated.

If you're inspired by Liam's story and want to explore more about embracing different ways of thinking, join us for the full Dyslexia Explored podcast. It's time to celebrate the incredible potential within each of us and empower those who think differently to shine.

[Listen to the Full Dyslexia Explored Podcast Here]

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