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Dyslexia and The Art of

Managing Information Overload

The power of the right productivity system for your mind.


Individuals with dyslexia are often gifted problem-solvers, but traditional productivity systems can be time-consuming and frustrating for them when it comes to managing details. At our organization, we offer proven strategies on Apple devices to help individuals manage information overload and free up mental space for high-value work.

Around 10% of the workforce has dyslexia, but many are unaware of it. If you have dyslexic traits you can gain a quick win by implementing a system that supports your thinking.

The iPhone in your pocket holds the solution. We'll show you the proven workplace strategies and assistive technology available on your Apple devices and help you use critical apps effectively.

By finding a way to remember important details and control information overload, you can use the strengths of dyslexia to overcome the challenges and achieve your goals.

Get your weekends back 

Did you know that dyslexia can affect organizational skills? The British Dyslexia Association recommends effective strategies such as speech-to-text, mind mapping, and time management skills to help cope with this challenge.

Without these tools, individuals with dyslexia may struggle to process all the information from meetings and prioritize tasks, leading to wasting free time during weekends and evenings to compensate. By implementing these simple yet powerful techniques, we ensure they have a better work-life balance and increased productivity.

Remember Everything Important

People with dyslexia often find disorganisation at work impacts home life because they take too much work home and feel stressed about not meeting deadlines and keeping on top of remembering everything.

With our productivity training for Apple devices, we can help you remember everything important so you can complete your work on time and feel in control.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you discover a way of staying organised that works with the way your mind works, not against it. We want to give you a creative, productive system to serve you a lifetime. A system that will help you deliver on your commitments and have quality time at home.

We do this by giving you a simple creative productivity system for your apple devices. Our coaching is bespoke to your needs and ensures that the system works for you and that your work gets done.

We offer both one-to-one coaching or group coaching.

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