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Dyslexia Awareness Training

We offer two types of awareness training sessions to help individuals and organisations better understand dyslexia in the workplace.

Lunch and Learn

A 45-minute Zoom session during lunchtime covering how dyslexia affects people at work and strategies for support, including accessing the Access to Work grant.

Cost: £150

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Awareness Workshop

A 2-3 hour in-depth workshop for teams to discuss dyslexia, understand strategies, and collaborate through activities.

This is typically included in the Access to Work grant.

Cost: £450

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Mind Map Training

Learn mind-mapping techniques and software through our interactive training sessions. This is the training that is included as part of the Access to Work grant and is also available privately.

Half-Day Workshop

A 3-hour one-to-one Zoom session to kickstart your mind-mapping skills on your chosen software. No previous mind-mapping knowledge is required.

Cost: £275

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Full-Day Workshop 

Our “Full-Day” one-to-one workshops are 6 hours of training done in two half days over a fortnight to mastermind mapping. This will kickstart your mind-mapping skills on your chosen software and develop your skills in using this for notes and meetings.

Cost: £405

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Access to Work Application Guidance

We provide complimentary guidance to help you seamlessly apply for the Access to Work grant. We'll liaise with your manager, learning and development department, and finance team to ensure a smooth process for everyone involved.


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